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javascript - send java script function parameter to ASP.NETMVC:: Call Html Helper Method Control Using Java Script C " Call Cs Function From To Method Parameters? Since ASP.NET MVC3 RC2 I encounter . Lets see different ways to get it in ASP.NET MVC 3. 1. Using Javascript VariableMarch 4, 2013 at 3:53 pm. Thanks for the tips. I try to pass as much as I can as function parameters. I would like to pass parameter from view to controller in cshtml page. This is the code I have: < script typetext/javascript> function Test() .get( Url.Action(UpdateReport/, Report).How to pass query string parameter in You can call webservice from JavaScript in ASP.NET using JQuery ajax method with single or multiple parameters. Here, I have written JQuery ajax example to get add values in webservice by passing two int parameters. Youve missed out a few single-quotes, meaning that youre passing a single string containing a comma rather than two separate strings.Passing ClientId to javascript function. Pass a parameter to Url.Action.

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Pass a GET parameter to a JavaScript function? 2012-03-21.Why does 26 get decoded to when passed as a parameter to a JavaScript function from a link? Web Services can utilize the ScriptMethod attribute with the UseHttpGet parameter set to true, which causes parameters to be passed via a the query string parameters. < getcities() > This wrks fine. But now i want to pass parameters in this function.Hi. Dear Slicksim how I can use asp.Net function from javascript. asp fuction like this string AAA(string a). thanks. here is my code