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Shell API Functions. Help Systems ». HTML. MSDN.The third state (read only) I mostly derrived from the Read Only Combobox design. Ive got a ComboBox control, and Id like it to only allow to select from the provided options and not to accept a user-entered string. It doesnt appear to have a ReadOnly property Public Class ComboBoxPlus Inherits System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox. Private BackColorOrg As System.Drawing.Color Private ReadOnly As Boolean. Thursday, May 8, 2008. How to make a ComboBox Read Only. Issue: ComboBox Control does NOT have a ReadOnlyHTML Tips/Tricks (3).

Increase Performance (3). Intermediate Topics (25). html, iphone, r, angularjs, .net. combobox.Excel VBA Combo Box returning index not value Python gtk: how to check if a combobox is open? But components like combobox and datebox also show the readonly color, but they are not set to readonly, they only set editablefalse flag! Is there an easy (i.e. without creating a new control) way to make a ComboBox > ReadOnly such that the user cant change its value but doesnt have to strain > their eyes to read its greyed out text? Combobox ReadOnly. Hi, I cant get a workaround for this so i need some help. When i set the property ReadOnly"false" on a combobox from a button DirectEvent the ReadOnlyCls maintains its setReadOnly ( readOnly ). Sets the read-only state of this field.The id, DOM node or Ext.dom.Element of an existing HTML