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windows 8 with no metro and some slight performance boosts. if you were on 8 i dont see why you wouldnt upgrade to 10.Just wait and see if it gets better or worse on the privacy and forced updates side, then decide. Imho right now its not worth it yet. My IE Homepage: Microsoft Official Home Page. Now of course I have not installed it because I know very little about Windows 10 at the moment. So one of my questions is is it worth upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. This means that the windows uses were allowed to upgrade to this new version uptil july this year and now finally Window 10 has become full price.Here in this article we will discuss 5 top features included in window 10 that makes it worth for installs. So my computer is offering the Windows 10 upgrade and Im wondering if I should bother or if it will just make things more complicated. Right now i have 7 Home Premium running on a desktop without a pressure-sensitive screen the installer info promises -like-to-like" versions in the upgrade Theoclymenus: I have a Windows 7 laptop which was pretty much top of the range when I bought it. It is now probably as stable and performing as nicely as it ever hasI would hate to upgrade to W10 only to discover that half of my games wont work any more. Do you think it is worth upgrading yet ? Theres a lot of hype surrounding Windows 10 but is the upgrade really worth it?If youre operating system already offers you everything you need, then theres probably no need to change it right now. Yes, Windows 10 has some awesome features, but who cares if you dont actually need them? I upgraded to 10 in the first week when it originally was released, but reverted back because it had quite a few bugs and just wasnt smooth. Its been a couple month now, so, is it worth upgrading to Windows 10 now? I am not about to take the risk of doing the free upgrade to Windows 10 and potentially screw up a Windows 7 computer that is working perfectly right nowfor what?Thats why. For me, the reward of upgrading does not seem to be worth the risk. So you have to consider whether 119 for a Windows 10 license is really worth it. solved Is Windows 10 worth upgrading to yet? Windows 10 may have had a rough launch, but now with a big update under its heels, is it finally worth the upgrade? Windows 10 vs Windows 8 By T3 Online 2015-10-29T17:00:00.301Z. Youve been happily running Windows 7 for years, bypassing Windows 8 and all its teething problems, so why upgrade to Windows 10 just because its free? Windows 10: why itll make you dump your Mac. If it isnt, its worth asking the provider about its plans (if your provider cant keep pace with major operating system upgrades, thats an issue).

Naturally, however, new hardware now comes with Windows 10 installed. Anyone else who didnt upgrade/canceled reservation get a failed install message for Windows 10 in the update history menu? I booted up my PC but it had some updates for Windows, so usually when there are updates and definition updates A few years back I upgraded to Windows 7 and have now made the jump to 10. The little AOA-150 netbook has never run better with the Windows 10 OS.Is Windows 10 worth it? Now do you think upgrading to Win 9/10 will just utterly destroy the perfect balance of the light/dark side in my PC? Because I cant find any info on it at the moment and Im being told by my PC I can upgrade to Win 10 now Read More coming to a close, many users are now happily on Windows 10. Though you can dodge Microsofts many techniques to get you to Windows 10Is it worth upgrading for free? If you are looking forward to Cortana, state of the art gaming, or better support for hybrid devices - yes, definitely! Windows 10.Is it worth upgrading a budget PC? Buying budget now with concrete plans for some minor upgrades down the line isnt that bad of an idea.

I heard that windows 10 used to send private data to microsoft. More precisely, I was told that the system recorded everything that is written and somehow computed it. For this reason I think it is not worth to upgrade my computer to windows 10. Learn this article, which helps you to decide answer to this question - is Windows 10 worth upgrading?Hi Kapil , I upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8.1 pro , and now my windows 10 cant play dvd , it says I need to purchase from appstore for 14 , Do you a tweak for that? As it stands now pretty much everyone who was interested in upgrading has done so, and when the free upgrade offer ends (and by now I think we all knowWindows 7 was worth upgrading from XP and Vista for, DirectX 11 wasnt part of my decision. Windows 10 is still essentially unfinished, has a So, I kept my desktop at Windows 7, because I like it, and everything seems to be compatible My question is: Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10 now? Or is it not compatible with a lot of things as well? We touched earlier on how gaming performance hasnt changed much on Windows 10, but its worth elaborating.Of course the fact that its a free upgrade right now makes it even more tempting. Windows 10 has a lot of genuinely useful new features, as well as key improvements to old features Windows 10 now comes with Microsofts answer to voice assistant, the Cortana, a rival for Google Now and Apples Siri.Is it worth upgrading windows 8.1 to 10? Can we upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? How does Windows 10 compare with earlier versions of Windows? Windows 10 may have had a rough launch, but now with a big update under its heels, is it finally worth the upgrade? Need advice on if its worth it. Gabriele is sceptical about Windows 10 and still misses XP. solved Is it worth upgrading to windows 10 for the speed Windows 10 Forums the Two years after its splashy debut, Windows 10 is now running on more than 500 million PCs worldwide. Was the upgrade worth it? Heres my report card. Windows 10 Creators Update: The smart persons guide (Tech Republic). I was asking for advice if the upgrade was worth it or not.There will be those who say Windows 10 and M is not spying on you. With the anniversary update coming to 10 M is now making it where you cant turn on Cortana. Though Windows 10 has lots of usability improvements with interesting and useful features added to the system you should still wait till it is released officially. I had 2 phone upgraded to Windows 10. Why would you sidegrade to Windows 10 for Killer Instinct? Isnt it a DX11 game? Frankly there arent enough games that have DX12 patches or DX12 support on release announced much less currently playable DX12-capable games to make a sidegrade to Windows 10 worth it for games. Cortana, Microsofts virtual assistant in Windows 10, can now be used from the lock screen, letting users instruct the computer to play music or set reminders, for example, without logging in. So is the Windows 10 Anniversary Update worth the upgrade? Not upgraded to Windows 10 yet, and unsure whether you should make the switch or not? Here well examine the reasons why now is the time to consider switching up, whilst also revealing some of the pitfalls that may make you think twice. If youre a PC gamer, this feature alone is worth the upgrade.Microsoft isnt resting on its laurels now that Windows 10 is out in the wild. A major Windows 10 Anniversary Update is due to land on August 2, stuffed with new features and bug fixes, and Microsofts continually updating the operating Windows 10 is here but should you upgrade? After Windows 8 Microsoft had a lot of work to do with Windows 10. As a free update from Windows 7 and Windows 8 Is The Upgrade to Windows 10 worth it? That really depends on how much you like your current setup.Rhonda Archer on Browsers are now warning on HTTP sites — Time to move to SSL. I have been running windows 7 ultimate for long time, now i wanted to do the updates on my system and i keep getting the message to upgrade to windows 10! Not sure what to do as i have lot of stuff on my pc and. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and numerous other variants have finally built up to Windows 10 which is the most recent and probably the mostThis in-built protection shield can now be scheduled to run regular scans and provide in-depth analysis of the computers security parameters. Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10?Thin window bezels: This was one of the first things I noticed and liked straight away, the bezels surrounding open windows are now very thin which look better and take up less space. It might of come like that, or I put the wrong disc in rather than 64-bit, then obviously upgraded to Windows 10 for free last summer.Considering changing over now but unsure if worth the cost. Free upgrade to Windows 10, sign into/up to a Microsoft Account, then clean install Win 10 or go back to Win 7.Its also worth mentioning some software (very little now) do not run properly, and if this is a problem, you can revert back to Windows 7 very easily. Home Guest Posts Is it worth upgrade to Windows 10?Now that I shared reason that incline you towards upgrading your system to Windows 10, let us have look at the other side of the coin and see what can stop you from not having this operating system. Should I upgrade to Windows 10? Is the question asked by most who still uses Windows 7 or Windows 8. The answer?In which, all of them stated more pros than cons of upgrading to Windows 10. Windows 10 continued to put distance between it and other versions of Windows, including Windows XP (with a 12 share of all Windows) and the combination of Windows 8 and 8.1 (13.3).

Approximately 1 million computers have been upgraded to Windows 10 each day in March Join Now. Is it worth it to upgrade windows 10 from windows 8.1?I have upgraded all home computers to Windows 10 and we are currently in the process of upgrading all corporate computers to Windows 10. Here are five reasons you shouldnt upgrade to Windows 10 yet -- even if it is free.Your system doesnt meet the requirementsThe system requirements for Windows 10 arent crazy, but your Granted, we now have the wushowhide tool to block specific patches Windows 8 wasnt a roaring success, to say the least. Adoption rates were lower than even Windows Vista (Windows Vista, for crying out loud), and the shoe-horned mobile experience on desktop left power users scratching their heads. The old adage comes from painful experience -- and its as applicable now as it ever was. If youre using Windows 7, and its properly patched up and working for you, and youve stopped using Internet Explorer, you have to consider whether its worth the effort to upgrade to Windows 10. Home » My Latest Articles » Reviews » Windows 10 Review Is it worth upgrading.Universal Windows App: Now all Windows applications, be it a standalone program or be a Windows store app, all will treated as universal app. Windows 10 is worth the upgrade, since its free to those who can get it. However, not all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will get Windows 10 for free — and its not cheap, either.Trending Now. Windows 10 is out and it is going to be one of the most sought-after operating systems not least because the OS comes with free upgrade, but at least because of some interesting and innovat Gabriele is sceptical about Windows 10 and still misses XP. With a new version due in a few days, is it worth taking the free upgrade, and when?Business users should start planning to upgrade because its now Windows as a Service. Currently, the market is dominated by Android and iOS, and in January 2016, Windows phones fell to 2.8 percent (US market), and thats because Windows delayed the release of Windows 10 Mobile for too long, losing many fans who were tired of waiting. The free upgrade period to Windows 10 has been over several months ago. You will now have to pay for the privilege of having your personal usage data siphoned off.solved is it worth upgrading to windows 10 from 7?

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