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Check out Air New Zealands latest safety video thats been trending recently. The video features sexy models dressed in bikinis who have been featured before in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine. Its hard to believe this wasnt a skit, but a painfully sexist Air New Zealand in-flight safety video featuring swimsuit models was, until recently, a real thing. The video featured four models in bikinis, natch, demonstrating how to use the airplane equipment in the event of an emergency Air safety just got sexy. A flight safety video for Air New Zealand — which features a number of bikini-clad models — has run into trouble for being "highly sexualized". The ad features models Christie Brinkley, Ariel Meredith, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis and Jessica Gomes. Recently, Air New Zealand released a new flight safety video for their Boeing 737s called The Bare Essentials of Safety, that features some of their employees giving demonstrations in the nude. Air New Zealands inventive videos seem to resonate even with those who havent flown the airline according to Jodi Williams, Air New Zealands Head of Global Brand. The airlines previous safety videos have racked up a jaw-dropping 50 million views online. Air New Zealand pulls its supermodels-in-bikinis in-flight safety video following criticism the video objectifies women. Swimsuit by TeenyB Bikini Couture.air new zealand surf safety video. surfing saftey video. AIR New Zealand has once again pushed the boundaries with their latest in-flight safety demonstration video, featuring an elderly woman streaking down the aisle. Themed on the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, the video features die-hard All Blacks fans Air New Zealands latest in-flight safety video had a bumpy take-off over objections to its sexual imagery. Called the worlds most beautiful safety video, it features bikini-clad models from Sports Illustrated and coincides with that magazines 50th anniversary. If you fly Air New Zealand, from the end of February be prepared to see this video of your favourite bikini-clad super-models demonstrating the safety procedures. The airline known for its forward-looking, racy, and anything-goes approach to air safety videos Air New Zealands "Safety in Paradise" in-flight safety video features models Christie Brinkley, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Gomes, Hannah Davis and Ariel Meredith demonstrating safety instructions in their bikinis.

From bikini-clad babes to chic French air stewardesses: How airlines are making in-flight safety videos sexy.Models in bikinis, internet memes and shots of the Northern lights feature. Air New Zealands latest offering has had over 3million hits on YouTube. Air New Zealands in-flight clip featured Sports Illustrated models demonstrating safety features. Air NZ bikini safety video dropped. All Blacks Captain Richie McCaw said the players had a great time making the video."Men in Black Safety Defenders" will be progressively rolled out across Air New Zealands fleet from today. - Stuff. Air New Zealand says it has been done "tastefully".

(CNN) -- Air New Zealands latest in-flight safety video, released Tuesday, is already another viral hit but is encountering some turbulence over its use of several bikini-clad Sports Illustrated models. Air New Zealand makes sure that the safety instructions get interesting again and partnered with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit to celebrate 50 years with their video Safety in Paradise. The video shows known bikini models Christie Brinkley, Jessica Gomes, Chrissy Teigen Air New Zealand will no longer have Video of women in Bikinis explaining Safety procedures before take off. Air New Zealand has put out a string of in-flight safety videos.Now Playing: How the bikini has travelled through time. An invention born out of neccesity during World War II, the bikini has served as the icon of glamour and sex appeal, indefinitely standing the test of time. Air New Zealand. The video was hit with surf fans but not safety experts.Kerry Katona strips to bikini and says shed rather date women than men. ITs so easy! Bitcoin Boy says if youre not worth 1m in 10 years, its your own fault. The video, called Safety in Paradise, featured bikini-clad women conveying flight safety instructions on a beach while drinking, swimming, and flipping their hairAir New Zealand told The New Zealand Herald the video was not removed because of public pressure, that it was simply phased out. After having some of their previous safety videos go completely viral, like this one featuring Betty White or this other one featuring The Hobbit, Air New Zealand is at it again with a new video putting some bikini clad beauties on your in-flight entertainment systems. New Zealand Airs released an in-flight safety youll actually watch -- and pay attention to. On the beach, with supermodels in bikinis.Check out this in-flight safety video with Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. By Gianni Jaccoma Published On 02/11/2014. AIR New Zealand, the airline that pioneered epic in-flight safety videos that have collectively garnered more than 108 million online views, is at it again.An apparent stumble came with a video featuring bikini-clad Sports Illustrated models that generated a barrage of criticism. And, by the way, the videos are not the only reason Air New Zealand is Awesome.

Let the bikini babes show how they do airline safety in paradise. Air New Zealands latest in-flight safety video, released Tuesday, is already another viral hit but is encountering some turbulence over its use of several bikini-clad Sports Illustrated models - reported the CNN. Air New Zealand will no longer show an in-flight safety video that many called sexist and offensive to women. " Safety in Paradise" was released in February in conjunction with the Sports Illustrated 50th anniversary.The only difference is that they do it entirely in bikinis. Who knew that a safety video could be so incredibly fascinating! That is, if youre glaring at the cut-off jeans and string bikinis being strutted about by supermodels. Air New Zealand (ANZ) has teamed with Sports Illustrated in what ANZ describes as the worlds most beautiful safety video. Air New Zealands new in-flight safety video, filmed in Antarctica, is causing controversy. The same airline had a deadly crash on the continent in 1979.powered by. For video troubleshooting and help click here. Air New Zealand will no longer show an in-flight safety video that many called sexist and offensive to women.The only difference is that they do it entirely in bikinis. YouTube/Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand has announced that it will be dropping an in-flight safety video featuring bikini-clad supermodels, but that the decision has nothing to do with a complaint of sexism laid earlier this year. Read more here. A description of tropes appearing in Air New Zealand Safety Videos.Distracted by the Sexy: The guys demonstrating the brace positions in a canoe in " Safety in Paradise" keep sneaking glances at the model in the bikini on the beach. The model has joined a gaggle of Sports Illustrated models in Air New Zealands raunchy take on an air safety video - and shows off a time-defying figure.She poses up a storm as she shows off her stunning bikini body in a white two-piece [ AIR NEW ZEALAND]. Air New Zealand uses Sports Illustrated swimsuit models for their new in-flight safety video.The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made AirNZSafetyVideo - Продолжительность: 4:39 Air New Zealand 18 599 863 просмотра. Air New Zealand has produced some stellar safety videos and ads in the past, but their latest set in Antarctica is prompting backlash. Starring Entourage actor turned activist Adrian Grenier, the pre-flight safety video takes viewers on a journey around Antarctica and the important conservation work. An in-flight safety video featuring bikini-clad women on a tropical beach has been pulled from Air New Zealands planes after a petition against it gathered 10,000 signatures. Because what says safety like 6ft models in bikinis?A spokeswoman for Air New Zealand has told BuzzFeedOz the video was not pulled due to the online backlash and it always intended to remove the Sports Illustrated video from its rotation. Passengers aboard Air New Zealand planes will no longer see bikini-clad supermodels featured in the in-flight safety video, but whether the videos removal is a victory for critics is up for debate. Share. Post on facebook wall. Share on twitter. Share via Email. Pin to Pinterest. Share on Google Plus. The Cook Island tourism board has come out in support of Air New Zealands controversial in-flight safety video featuring Sports Illustrated bikini models. Christie Brinkley, 60, is a mother-of-three, and she looks absolutely stunning in this new in-flight instructional video.Christie Brinkley Strips Down To A Bikini In New Flight Video. The safety video shows bikini-clad women performing the seat belt demonstration, how to inflate the life vests and all the other things usually performed in traditional safety videos.Another epic safety video from Air New Zealand (VIDEO). Air New Zealands Controversial Swimsuit Model In-Flight Safety Video Sparks Outrage.Air New Zealands new in-flight safety video, starring Sports Illustrated models in bikinis, has many critics angry. Sports Illustrated models used in Air New Zealands airline safety video sparks criticism. - s most beautiful safety video" --featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models cavorting around in bikinis --has - important safety messages," a spokeswoman told New Zelands Herald. Air New Zealand has teamed up with Sports Illustrated Magazine for their latest inflight safety video, Safety in Paradise. Models Christie Brinkley, Jessica Gomes, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis and Ariel Meredith are all part of the bikini-clad Air New Zealand has faced criticism over its new in-flight safety video.Source:YouTube. GENERATIONS of New Zealanders will never forget where they were when they heard the news about flight 901. Some called it sexy, others called it sexist, and now, Air New Zealand is scrapping its supermodels-in- bikinis in-flight safety video following criticism that the video objectifies women. Air New Zealand a choisi des mannequins en bikini pour faire la promotion des consignes de scurit dans les avions.The "Safety in Paradise" video, which rolls out on Air New Zealand flights at the end of February, is beautifully shot and Photo: Air New Zealand/Youtube. Famous for its unusual safety videos, the Kiwi carrier enlists the help of other bikini-clad models for the ad, including Chrissy Teigen, Ariel Meredith, Hannah Davis and Jessica Gomes. Air New Zealand pulls its supermodels-in-bikinis in-flight safety video following criticism the video objectifies women. Jen Markham explains. Subscribe to The Air New Zealand safety video featuring Sports Illustrated models has been taken out of circulation on flights.See also: Virgin America Just Launched the Sassiest Safety Video Youve Ever Seen. Judith Collins MP will tell you she wasnt offended by Air New Zealands newest safety video, featuring bikini-clad models instead of flight attendants telling passengers what to do in anBecause, apparently, Sports Illustrated 50th swimsuit issue is VERY important to A LOT of New Zealanders

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