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This is a Remington Factory 870 Barrel 20" with Rifle Sights. It comes with a full choke tube and Imp Cyl choke tube and wrench, it is in good condition with some wear marks. August 17, 2015 Bill Marr Gunsmithing, Shotguns 0. In this post Ill be modifying a Remington 870 barrel that came on a Police trade-in shotgun. This smooth-bore 20 barrel is equipped with rifle sights from the factory. Maybe switch to a barrel with rifle sights if thats your thing. Or just a plain bead, whatever.I have a Remington 870 police model. Put the mag extension on it, surefire forend, knoxx stock, and side saddle on it. Fits Remington 870 Police model 12 gauge shotguns. Handles 2-3/4" and 3" ammunition. This smooth bore barrel is a fixed improved cylinder constriction. This 870P barrel features a parkerized finish and rifle sights. Product Search Results For "Remington Barrel, 18", Police W/Rifle Sights, Parkerized, Imp Cyl". Carlsons Remington 870 Replacement Barrel.Mossberg Barrels For Remington 870 12 Gauge, Matte Black Oxide. REMINGTON barrel new in box , factory tested, Model 870 120ga. 20" choke at IMP CYL.With rifle sights.

Get your barrel at discount. 767-000-719WB Barrel, 18", Police w/Rifle Sights, Parkerized, Imp Cyl. Mfr Part: F242549AS. Click here for price!Out of Stock View Alternatives. Gauge: 12 Gauge. Length: 18. Barrel Weight: 2.22 lbs. Color: Black. Details. Remington 870 Express Deer Barrel 20 Gauge Fully Rifled Cantilever 3" 18 .5"27599Remington model 870 special field 20GA.

Barrel - 21" imp.cyl. - vent RIB - mintRemington 870 20 Gauge 23" Lwt. Vent Rib Barrel 4528 VT 20ga BBL Imp Cyl Remington 870 18" Bead Sight Barrel Tactical Home Defense Police 12 Gauge.179.99. Remington 870 Smooth Slug Barrel Rifle Sight 12 Gauge (Deer Hunting/Shotgun). Model 870 Extra Barrel. For Remington 870 police 12 gauge shotguns. Eighteen inch with parkerized finish and sights. Improved cylinder choke. Remington 870 Barrel, 18 inch, IMP CYL, Bead Sight.Remington 870 18, Police Barrel with Rifle Sights, IMP CYL. This barrel is short and has rifle sights. This makes this barrel extremely easy to aim especially when shooting slugs. A look at my Short Barreled Shotgun Parts used: Remington 870 shotgun 14" Police trade in Barrel (ported) 30 year old 870 Police take-off wood furniture (cutTactical Remington 870 12-Gauge Shot Gun BUILD - Продолжительность: 13:56 MR SILENCER 18 522 просмотра. Remington 870P with rifle sights and SpeedFeed Standard Stock - 12 gauge.In the mid 80s refit of the Mk 1s the DoD replaced the 21" Imp Cyl Rifle sighted barrel with a non iron sight barrel, and replaced the blade sight bayonet mount/ barrel band with a bead sight model. This Remington 870 Police model 12 gauge shotgun comes with a bright orange stock for identification of less lethal ammunition, parkerized finish, and rifle sights.Stock: Speedfeed Synthetic/Orange. Caliber: 12 Gauge. Barrel Length (in): 18. Remington 870 Police Shotgun Barrel With Rifle Sights 209.95. Time Left: 20 days, 14 hours, 3 minutes and 14 seconds Shotgun - Lexington,KY,USA. This is a Police Trade-in Barrel with bead front sight, Clean bore no bulges or pitting but has some scaring from use.Magnum Research Barrel Magnum Lite 22lr 18 Ultra Thread For 10/22. Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun Lightweight Hammer. Shop for Best Price BARREL, 18 ", POLICE W/RIFLE SIGHTS, PARKERIZED, IMP CYL870 BARREL 18 "CYLINDER BORE REMINGTON.Cylinder Bore 18quot Length 12 Gauge Fits Remington 870 3quot guns Bead sight 3quot chamber Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:198. Modular Combat System. Police Breacher System. Synthetic.18" barrel with cylinder choke. Wilson Combat Ghost Ring rear sight and XS front sight post.Cyl. Rifle. Parkerized. 24417. Speedfeed Sport Synthetic Stock Fore-end. 18" (2 shot ext.) Imp. Mod. dedicated, with Tritium rifle sights should be good for slugs too. At least my best 50yd. slug groups are using a Mod 870 28".The Police triangle rear sight now standard on Remington rifle sight barrels serves his need better. Rem 870 Police Magnum 18.5" Barrel with Rifle Sights - SOLD - AR15.COM.Remington Barrel Remington 870 Police 12 Gauge 3" 18" Fixed Improved Tags/Keywords 767000719-767000719-10274 Barrel Parts Barrels Remington Shotgun Parts.FITS: 870 Standard Weight, 12. Remington Barrel, 18, Police W/Rifle Sights, Parkerized, ImpRifled Slugs Help You Fill Your Deer Tags Remington Slugger slugs have been putting venison in Technology. Specs. Remington country. Retail locator. See live videos.21" Vent-rib shotshell barrel. 20" fully-rifled slug barrel with rifle sights. Model 870 Express Combo Specifications. Order No. Made for the Remington 870, this Mossberg produced replacement barrel features a smooth cylinder bore and rifle sights, making it a good all purpose barrel. 2001 - 2016 LA Police Gear, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please read LA Police Gears Privacy Policy Legal Notices. Find best value and selection for your Remington 870 18 Inch Police Barrel search on eBay. Worlds leading marketplace.Remington - barrel, 18", police w/rifle sights, parkerized, imp cyl. The Remington 870 is a pump-action shotgun featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS) and Find Makarov. The Remington 870 appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). It has an eight round magazine and uses the same skin as the Ithaca 37. It is the shotgun of choice for allies. Rifle-sighted Rem Choke deer barrels are supplied with rifled and improved cylinder choke tubes. Express 20 gauge fully rifled deer barrel has a 2-3/4" chamber. Model 870 extra barrels with 2 3/4" chambers will fit both Magnum and 2-3/4" receivers. I have a Remington 870 express magnum for small game and bird hunting but in ohio were a shotgun only state.I was thinking about purchasing a fully rifled barrel with rifle sights for deer hunting.What kind of accuracy can I expect to get at 100 yards with sabot slugs? 18 Matte Police Barrel.Imp. Cyl. Rifle Sights. Shop Remington 870 Barrel 18 on sale from 870 18" Bead Sight Barrel Tactical Home Defense Police 12 Gauge: 139.99.Remington Accessories Remington Barrel 870 Exp 12Ga 18" CYL Bead Sight 4620: 131.01. Remington 870 Magnum Police With custom animations and scripted reload- Custom 3rd person reload and pump pull - 2 Stocks - Diverse receivers -2 Sights - 4 Barrels - 2k(BrowncoatGarrus: Personally, I have a feeling that this is why the Far Harbor Lever Action Rifle did not count bullets). Barrel Parts Barrel, 18", Police w/Rifle Sights, Parkerized, Imp Cyl.PLEASE of July 2. Remington 870 12 Gauge Slug Barrel, 24", Rifle Sights - Remington 870 12 Ga. 24" slug barrel with adjustable rifle sights and fully- rifled bore. Remington Remington 870 Forend, Police, Walnut, 12 Ga.Springfield Armory M1a Standard 22in 308 Win Parkerized Fde Aperture Sights 101rd. From 1959 to 1970 the M14 served with distinction as the standard issue rifle of the United States military. Item Description: This is a used barrel and it looks it, but otherwise its ready for duty. Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: 87007 12 Gauge 18.5" chrome lined barrel 3" Chamber Remington choke threaded Cylinder choke included Adjustable Rifle sights Matte Black. Fits: Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotguns Note Carlsons 87008 Remington 870 Barrel 18 1/2" Adjustable Sights Rifled ChokeRemington 870 18" Bead Sight Barrel Tactical Home Defense Police 12 GaugeRemington 870 Barrel 12 GA 18" IMP CYL Blue 2 3/4 or 3" Mossberg 91335 Remington. Remington 870 18" Bead Sight Barrel Tactical Home Defense Police 12 Gauge mag hd: 67.00.Remington 870 Barrel—12 Gauge With Rifle Sights RemChoke rifled tube: 165.95. Factory Remington 870 18" Bead Sight Police Barrel 12 Gauge. - 18" Smooth Bore Barrel - Barrel is not choke tube compatible.1 Remington 870 Barrel 12 GA 18.5" IMP CYL Matte 2 3/4 or 3" Smooth bore and Rifle Sights. This is a Police Trade-in Barrel. Remington 870, 12 gauge shotgun barrel, 20 inch with rifle sights. New, but factory test fired 1X. This is from a 870 Police model. Reciept shows how recently this was picked up by me(08/04/06). Genuine Remington brand 18 inch police barrel for your 870. Rifle Sights, Parkerized and Improved Cylinder bore. If you want to convert your long barreled or bead sighted 870 into a tactical machine consider one of these barrels. Details. The most traditional Model 870P police shotguns have a walnut stock and fore-end with a blued or parkerized metal finish.18" or 20" barrels. Pakerized versions come with optional 2-shot or 3-shot extensions.Imp. Cyl. Rifle. Parkerized. Report illegal firearms activity to 1-800-ATF-GUNS or your local police department.bought this for my 870. mounted it, took it off and decided to stay with the barrel on it. brand new. genuine Remington barrel, not a knock off or copy. cyl choke, non rifled. Remington 870 shotgun barrel Imp Cyl and Rifle sights.See Details. Remington 870 Express Rifled Barrel 12 Gauge 20" Rifle Sights 24611. Looking for a 18 inch barrel with rifle sights and extension.Confirming, your rifle-sighted barrel is OEM stamped and IMP CYL?w/Rifle Sights, Parkerized, Imp Cyl Gauge: 12 Gauge Length: 18 Barrel Weight: 2.22 lbs Color: Black Description FITS: 870popular. deals: NcStar Tactical Rifle Scabbard - Black - 13.47.Reebok Boots Closeouts from 29.99 - 49.99. Viridian X5L Universal Mount Green Laser Sight with Receivers are stamped "Remington 870 Police Magnum" as of 2014.Police models are available with 18" or 20" barrels, with or without rifle sights, and have a standard capacity of four rounds. Barrel Length : 14 Made In The USA : Made In The USA Tactica : Tactical Choke : Modified Stock : Speedfeed Sport Chamber Inch : 3 NFA Web Model : Model 870 Finish : Parkerized Sights : Rifle Item Description : REM 870 12/14P RS MD SYN PKZ 3.

PARKERIZED, IMP CYL REMINGTON storage recoil shooting brushes mounts cleaning rods Find for and intensely cuteBARREL, 18", POLICEFITS: 870 Standard Weight, 12 Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:642. Please take a few moments to look at the BARREL, 18", POLICE W/RIFLE We search for BARREL, 18, POLICE W/RIFLE SIGHTS, PARKERIZED, IMP CYL in many merchants, compare product prices also product reviews to help you before decide to buy products. Please read carefully following informations 209.95 Remington 870 Police Shotgun Barrel With Rifle Sights Shotgun - 73954.Buy: 199.0 Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 ga 21 slug barrel rifle sights with custom wood box Shotgun - 73954. Remington 870 Police "Entry Gun" with 14in barrel.Sights also are different,depending on the purpose and version of the gun, and could include front bead only, rifle-type sights with open notch or ghost ring rear sight, or mounts for various red-dot and other optical sights.

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