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I have used Jquery to append options to Infopath created select dropdown. It works in Firefox but it does not populate in IE. Below is the code used Ok, so your function is working and actually the append should be working as well. Did you inspect the page using your dev tools?javascript not working properly - 5 replies. Jquery datepicker does not work in ajax - 1 reply. else (. e.currentTarget).append("") It works fine in Firefox or Chrome but not in IE8.Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance! Relatedjavascript - Jquery working in Firefox but not Internet Explorer. In IE 8 or 9 I get a 500 error saying a not null property is null.I was able to get it working by including jquery.iframe-transport.js and then I had to remove my knockout "with" data-bind from the div to get it to work in IE8 because it worked in IE9. OKay, so Im having trouble using .load in IE8.You are using HTML5 elements on your page (


These dont work (natively) in IE8. You need to shim them. I tried several jquery functions: html, append, appendTo But nothing worked. In my case the html had an extra close tag. I deleted it and now everything is working ok.I had this bug when there was two or more elements with the same ID. It occured only in IE7. Hi, I am in problem with my Jquery in IE 8. I have a script that constructs some UI dynamically with div on load. This works fine in chrome and firefox, but in IE it does not load.

You should be using jQuery append(), insertAfter() or similar to insert it into the current page. Try it like this. (container).append(

) Working demo tested in ie8. Rather append items to table instead of div element. To get it working you need to call initElement on the GvmlCanvasManager object. i.e. add this code to the appropriate place in the jquery knob javascript file. var el document.createElement(canvas) GvmlCanvasManager.initElement(el) var ctx el.getContext(2d) I recently had an issue with jQuery working in Internet Explorer 8 and below. I know, big surprise. But this time it was actually bad coding on my side. The Issue. I created a page that used the jQuery .load function to dynamically load a Div from another page inside a Div on the current page. jQuery Form file upload IE8 error response null. I have an issue specific to IE8 with the jQuery form plugin.Ajax File Upload Not Working for IE8. Im having trouble uploading a file using a Javascript function that makes an Ajax call to a servlet. Im having a problem with jQuery append just in Internet Explorer 8 (I didnt check earlier versions).This doesnt work in IE8 though, no div is added. I checked this by returning the length of (divoptions) in the console. Why isnt this working? The demo shows that the IE8 bug (prefixed colon) is not handled using jQuery, and using pseudo-selectors should at least be consistent with selecting by element tagname (whether it includes theI am pretty sure jsfiddle will also work with /show appended to the URL after its created elsewhere. have a look at this fiddler: jsfiddle.net/NP9pG/4 it works in firefox and IE. the point is i tried it and it is not appending anything in any browser then, so its a little tricky. ya the problem is IE compatibility mode. jQuery, html(), append() issue with IE. jQuery append not working in Internet Explorer 8. jQuery(1.6.4) using append() to add anchor does not work in IE. My code works as intended in each browser except ie. I use the following jQuery codeAlthough, be careful because liveQuery doesnt really monitor the DOM it just extends jQuerys append,prepend,html,etc. methods and re-assigns when something is added, so if you add According to cross domain issue i have used "dataType: Jsonp" also but its not working. Error: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property call: object is null or undefined jquery.validate.min.js, line 4 character 20895. zXML.find("Locations").append( tmpLocNode ) throws an error, "Object doesnt support this property or method" and stops at line 6470 in the jquery.js module.lem related to browser compatibility. My code is not working in IE8, but it works fine in other browsers. Jquery append subtleties in IE8 and below. CSS is not working at IE8, JSP charset utf- 8.Its been a while since Ive done anything resembling web development, and Im trying to get this small snippet of code to work in IE8. It works well in my application in most browsers but it will not work in IE8 under Compatibility View.Append a row to an html table with Jquery? Remove span and the following text. Redactor do something on change event not working. Is there something i can change to make it work in IE7? I am using jQuery release jquery-1.8.2.min.js.appends firstNameInfo with .info to body (. latest jquery (1.5) script wrapped in (document).ready(function() typetext/javascript Also, Im also using some other javascript (a slideshow and a media player) that work fine in IE8. Any ideas on how to get this script working in IE would be much appreciated. This AJAX code is working in IE10 and Chrome and another browser, but it is not working in IE8 and IE9.The issue is IE8 doesnt support the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) XHR, so you cant do a cross domain ajax call with the native XHR or jQuerys .ajax. youve got multiple closing tags you arent including the jQuery file before you try to do jQuery stuff first as Karl suggests. and dont confuse " works in safari" as "jQuery must be horked in IE", thats totally not the case one browser handles poor(body).append(e) function initialise().

Email Sign Up or sign in with. Google. Facebook. jQuerys .append() not working in IE8. Ask Question.In Firefox (34.0.5) works fine, but not in Internet Explorer 8. I found some solutions in SO but they didnt work out very well. jquery internet-explorer.1jQuery datetimepicker - Date formatting not working. 1Replace html to add whitespace in div with same class. 1JavaScript and JQuery with Telerik help needed. Tagged: html, internet-explorer-8, javascript, jquery.It works fine in all browsers apart form IE8. When I run the console it seems to be this section that it is having problems with for me append didnt work if the element to append was a input.Tested in IE8 and jquery.min.js 1.9.1. My advice, dump that code, thats going to be terrible to maintain. Plus append takes raw HTML. Try this I think "proper" approach I have created this little interaction for one of the platforms at work - http://jsfiddle.net/S79qp/426/ ItArray.prototype.forEach.call(l, function(item) a.push(jQuery(item).text()) )Can someone show me an IE8 friendly alternative This works in ff but not in ie. (listResultsTable tbody).append (html)When I look at the source in ff I see the table results but not in ie. That is why I think append does not work correctly in ie. Any suggestions? internet explorer 8 javascript jquery. jquery noConflict not working in IE8 only.jQuery(document).ready(function() ("head").append("") css ("head").children(":last")8 Solutions collect form web for jquery noConflict not working in IE8 only. Ive run into this also using This site requires Internet Explorer 8 or higher.It just seem that the append() fails. So I tested with .html(), appendTo and still no joy. It works if I pass it an html string, but is failing with these jquery objects. for some reason the if/else clause with direct is not working in IE8. It works in modern browsers (Firefox and Chrome).Hi, thanks a lot. Hm, the code looks good from the first view. The jQuery library should also be OK with IE8. Have you found yourself the unfortunate victim of an Unexpected call to method or property access on a seemingly simple . append() call in jQuery in Internet Explorer 7 or 8, but not 9 or any other modern browser? Its working perfectly in all browsers except IE8.Tried various versions of jquery. When checked on IE8 developer tool the break point does not hit on the below event. THere should be error with either event binding or the jquery selector. getElementsByClassName - a fast way of selecting DOM elements by class name in modern browsers. Does not work in IE 8 and below.jQuery: .html(). Append or prepend to an element. jQuery appendto and append does not work in IE8? Im encountering a weird issue using jQuerys append and appendTo function. I am running through an object and creating elements based on the objects properties. Why is my jQuery append function not working in IE8.