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The Yale English Department offers a broad-ranging program of graduate education, with courses that engage all the traditional chronological periods of British literature, American literature since its inception, and many of the contemporary interdisciplines (feminism, cultural studies, post-colonialism We offer four graduate programs: Masters degrees in Literary Studies, in Rhetoric and Communication Design, and in Experimental Digital Media—all of which can be taken in the co-op stream, as well as a Doctorate in LanguageEnglish Language and Literature home. Our people. Graduate programs in English at Notre Dame include the Ph.D M.A and an MFA in creative writing.PhD in Literature Program. John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values. The goal of English Language and Literature major is to aid its students in acquiring a good command of English, toStudents may choose to enroll in the pharmacy program at DukSung after two years of completion or apply other graduate school program in medicine or dentistry upon graduation. Graduate Program. The Department of English at the University of Chicago has played an important role in the transformation of literary studieswork as teachers, scholars, and critics by developing their abilities to pose and investigate problems in the advanced study of literatures in English. English, Literature Graduate Program. Little has shaped our world, its cultures, and its societies more than literature. Fully understanding its impact upon our lives, and learning how to successfully craft a narrative can lead to a successful and fulfilling career. Graduate Programs. The organization of the Department of Literature is unusual in that it is neither a department of English nor a department of Comparative Literature as either is traditionally construed. English Graduate Program. Department of Literature and Languages.

The program is designed to graduate students who have mastered advanced skills in critical thinking, textual interpretation, rigorous researching and analytical writing. Graduate School of Literature. Academic Principles Scheme.English literature. TAKAHASHI, Shouichi [Ph.D. of Linguistics]. Theoretical Linguistics (with a Strong Focus on Syntax), Semantics.Graduate Programs. Students in the English Literature program can take advantage of Language graduate courses recent offerings include courses on reported speech and its rhetorical versatility across genres the uses of classical rhetoric for contemporary critical practice The aim of the Ph.D. program in English Literature is to prepare students to be productive scholars, intelligent critics of literature, and competent academics. Candidates for admission must fulfill the requirements specified in the regulations of the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences The M.A.

in English, Literature Option, requires that the graduate student complete a minimum of thirty-three (33) semester hours (eleven graduate courses).Students may take, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director, up to nine hours in a supporting discipline. The Department of English at the University of Texas at Austin is home to two fully-funded and highly-rated graduate programs, the Ph.D. in EnglishStudents in our Ph.D. program work in and across fifteen fields of study: American Literature Medieval Literary Studies Renaissance Literature Graduate Program.The course is a good preparation for a range of potential careers and it is ideal for you if you would like to combine your studies of English Language with the study of literature and literary theory. Home > Graduate Schools > Best Graduate English Programs.18th Through 20th Century British Literature African-American Literature American Literature After 1865 American Literature Before 1865 Gender and Literature Literary Criticism and Theory Medieval / Renaissance Literature. Graduate study in English Literature offers a wide range and variety of seminars taught by nationally renowned scholars. The program, subtitled Critical and Cultural Theory, takes a cultural studies approach to literary study and invites cross-fertilization between programs, disciplines This group welcomes graduate students and faculty interested in literature by women and feminist literary theories for informal discussions of currentThis two quarter seminar (Winter: English 259 Spring CL 290) is the core course of the graduate certificate program in Experimental Critical Theory. The Graduate Program in English has a long history of balancing critical rigor and literary breadth with individual focus and flexibility.Graduate students are welcome to not only participate in, but actively, organize conferences. The program currently offers MA in Literature, PhD in Literature, MA The BA-MA, MA, and PhD degree programs in English and American Literature enable students to deepen their knowledge of literature and culture through graduate work in different historical periods and genres Individuals who wish to expand their knowledge in the areas of writing and the literary arts can enroll in graduate degree programs in English Literature. Students who focus on writing may take courses in technical writing, creative writing, and nonfiction. Students train as teachers, scholars, writers, to advance in existing careers and to become professors and research writers in specific literary fields.

Department of English Language and Literature. English Degrees in the Course Bulletin. TU English Graduate Program Facebook. English Language and Literature graduate and post-graduate programs and degrees offered in Canada. Browse and compare over 10,000 masters, graduate certificate, doctorate (PHD) and residency programs offered in universities, faculties and research centres across Canada. Upon graduation, our Ph.D. students should be able to contribute to the field of literary studies by producing academic papers built onThe graduates of our Ph.D. program in English literature can work as academics in Humanities and Social Sciences Departments of various universities. Graduate Program Contact Information. Apply.In English at AM, we have strengths in areas ranging from Medieval Studies to Twenty-First Century Studies, with special emphases in the Transatlantic 19th Century, Gender and Sexuality, Digital Humanities, and Childrens Literature. The graduate programs in English and comparative literature offer students an opportunity to analyze the different questions and answers that literature has given to the central problems of human experience. The Graduate Program in Literature (GPL) endeavors to train future scholars in theory and global culture.Many of our graduates have gotten jobs in English or other literature departments, while others have found positions in departments of cinema and media studies, gender and sexuality All full-time students are required to maintain continuous registration through all terms of their graduate program.Department of English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing University of Windsor Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3P4 Fax: 519-971-3676 Telephone: 519-253-3000, ext. In addition, while we encourage applications from candidates in programs other than English, they must have both the requisite critical skills and a foundation in English literature for graduate work in English. Our MA in Literature program explores traditional and nontraditional literary works, as well as the critical and theoretical approaches of the field.Our English MA programs regularly graduate students who find jobs in publishing, government, healthcare, and small businesses. Specifically, the Department of Comparative Literature offers organized programs leading to specialization in all areas of Western literature fromThe fact that graduates of this Department are currently teaching at the university level such widely different literatures as English, French, German Postgraduate study. Student profiles. Back to English Literature.Students will have the opportunity to participate in an annual department Graduate Conference for MA/MRes/MPhil/PhD students. The English Department has offered graduate instruction at the Masters level since 1960 and at the doctoral level since 2006. Our PhD program in the Production of Literature is unique in Canada for its innovative conjoining of book history with theoretical questions about the sociology of literary Graduate. About the MA Program. For over twenty years, Dartmouths Comparative Literature Program has attracted some of the best undergraduates to the comparative study of literature and culture.English. Literature MA Program. Students pursuing the M.A. in the literature option are introduced to the practices, challenges, and rewards of conducting original investigations in English 500: Introduction to Literary Research. The Comparative Literature Program offers two closely linked graduate programs and three areas of concentration. I. MA/PhD programs in Comparative Literature for students who have completed their BA Degrees in Comparative Literature, or English, or literary studies Description of the Graduate Program in English and Comparative Literature .By the end of their second year, they begin intensive work in their special fields of interest, which may include a historical period, a genre, composition studies, or literary theory and criticism. The graduate program in English at the University of Virginia has long been a distinguished one. At a time of rapid transition in the field of literary and cultural studies, we are intent upon sustaining our offerings in traditional historical periods, elaborating those in diverse world literatures Our Graduate Program in English Literature prides itself on its intellectual rigor, diversity of subjects and approaches, and commitment to excellence in teaching. Our course offerings balance traditional literary history with new work in such fields as postcolonial studies food studies digital literacies Columbia University in the City of New York. Department of English and Comparative Literature.Graduate Coordinator for the English Department: 602 Philosophy Hall (212) 854-3215 pbr2101columbia.edu. For additional information about graduate studies, visit The Graduate School (TGS) website. The English Department offers full-time Ph.D. andHighly ranked, our doctoral program is especially strong in the study of medieval, early modern, Victorian, American, and twentieth century literature. Graduate Programs. The department is pleased to offer M.A. and Ph.D. candidates a diversity of intellectual, pedagogic, and communityGraduate students may also supplement their course of study in African American literature, childrens literature, critical theory, and womens studies. Graduate ProgramsGraduate ProgramsGraduate Degrees in English, Creative Writing, Literature, and Journalism The doctoral program in English Language and Literature offers two degree options for the prospective applicant: the Ph.D. and the Joint M.F.A./Ph.DAt the same time, we have a large and diverse graduate faculty with competence in a wide range of literary, theoretical, and cultural fields. Graduate English Association. Undergraduate. Programs.Edited by members of the Literary Studies faculty, these publications provide forums for important critical explorations of literature and culture. The graduate program in Literature is relatively small, and students work closely with an internationally recognized facultyPh.D. students are required to be able to read proficiently in at least two languages that are integral to their intellectual work, one of which may be English. Graduate students examine not just how English Literature reflects its own society, culture, politics, economics, religion, and aesthetics, but also how it isMany programs offer a Ph.D. in English with specialization in English Literature, though some now offering a Ph.D. in English Literature. Graduate English literature programs are aimed at students who have already studied the subject at undergraduate level and want to deepen both their knowledge of English literature and improve their literary analysis skills. English Graduate Programs look at the major authors, periods, and genres in literature and analyze skillful ways to apply literary criticism. Master of/Magisteriate in Arts — English Literature with Research Essay (Option A). This option gives the student the opportunity to study English literature in a range of periods andSpecific matters should be addressed to the Graduate Program Director or to the Graduate Program Assistant. There are three programs leading to the degree. Plan A, a 33-hour non-thesis program that emphasizes literature, composition, andIn addition to Graduate School application materials, applicants to the English MA program should submit a 500 word statement of purpose explaining

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