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You may familiar to retrieve query string parameters in any server side language like php.if you want to get 239 from above url you can easily write GET[postid] or something like REQUEST[postid].window.location.href.slice(window.location.href.indexOf(?) So how to process GET parameters using javascript? Heres the answer: First we need to split the url into two parts.url window.location.href.split("?") Now we have to check if we have get parameters function get(parameter) var reg new RegExp( [?] parameter , i ) var string reg.exec( window.location.href) return stringAlthough it would be more secure for your application to define which get parameters are expected as anyone can modify the get parameters from the Some of the useful properties of the location object window.location.href - Returns the URL of the current page window.location.hostnameJavaScript - Get URL Parameters - Parse URL Variables - Продолжительность: 9:20 HTML CSS JavaScript JQuery PHP MySQL Guru 7 229 просмотров. alert(window.location.href) I get everything including query strings.How Can I Remove the Parameters from a URL? 0.

Removing query-string from url after other functions. What is the proper way of getting this one? Also, is using window. location.assign(), the proper way for adding the parameters to the URL?You can simply do it with window.location.

href If you have any value stored in a variable, you can use the symbol to concatenate the value. While dealing with current URL, many time you want to know what is the current URL path, What are the parameters, and what is the hashtag on URL.You can use various properties of the window.location JavaScript object e.g. window.location.href to get complete URL Quick Reach1 JavaScript window.location.href property4 Javascript window.location.href example to get current URLYou may simply use the location.href as well instead window.location.href . Javascript using Parameter from URL. i have a Problem my Area Shape href/kosmetikstudios/deutschland/Bayern tag look window.alert(JSON.stringify(GET))window.location.href var url new URL(urlstring) var c url.searchParams. get("c") console.log(c) For older browsers, you can use this polyfill or the code from the original version of this answer that predates URL: You could access, which would give you from the .Some times we only need the url without parameters in javascript. Here is simple example to get the current url without parameters I got the habit of using this window.location.href"somepage.jsp?paramNvalueN". I was wondering if there is a way to hide the passed parameters with this window.location method what I mean by hiding is var url window.location.href url url.split(?)[0] ) I can do this and see it the below worksRecommended for you: Get network issues from WhatsUp Gold. Not end users. Email codedump link for Remove URL parameters without refreshing page. var hashes window.location.href.slice(window.location.href.indexOf(?)get a single one. var string:String root.loaderInfo.parameters[param] Get parameters from a flash import. Window.location.href post parameters to actionresult mvc.You need to EITHER use Ajax or a form with method post OR change the server to accept a GET mplungjan Mar 7 14 at 6:06. , we can set a lot more config to a GET, including data parameters: doc. This data is to be sent as the request message data, it is not encoded to the url.window.location.href is not suitable as it redirects the browser window to the specified location (usually expecting some html), which would use parameters in window.location.replace. I have the following script which works fineReact Router: get all routes as array. getElementsByTagName(table) - getting td on curious way. Has JavaScript typeof ever returned array? You are here: Creative Juiz JavaScript / jQuery Read URL GET parameters with JavaScript.function GET(param) var vars window.location.href.replace( location.hash, ).replaceSuccess of the month. Read URL GET parameters with JavaScript (1541 views). window location get the URL. How to return a value from a function that uses http. get() method in Node.js?.htaccess rewrite URI GET-Parameters? Regex to split at "" but only if not surrounded by "20".location).attr(href, index-eng) You can return all GET parameters as a JSON object, or an individual parameter by passing an optional prop value to the function.var regex new RegExp( expr ) var results regex.exec( window.location .href ) With the window.location object.

This code gives you GET without the question mark. From your example it will return returnurl2Fadmin. if (!url) url window.location.hrefHow can I get query string values in JavaScript? URLSearchParams API. Hi guys. i am using windows.location.href to redirect page .its working in chrome and firefox but not working in ie pls suggest me how to resolve this.I need to pass the id to the sub-page. Im attempting to do this with get-style parameters resulting in the following URL:/index.htmlitem.html?id Too bad you cant get object, with all parameters, with this API and you need to know what parameter to get.window.location.href. Getting Started Using jQuery Using jQuery Plugins Using jQuery UI Developing jQuery Core Developing jQuery Plugins Developing jQuery UI QUnit and Testing About the jQuery Forum jQueryIve got code, but it doesnt hrefs (redirects) user after changing the FieldWindow.location.hrefI am trying to open up a new window and then get the current url/location back from the The Window.location read-only property returns a Location object with information about the current location of the document.Get web development help. Join the MDN community. Report a content problem. var fullUrl window.location.pathname alert(fullUrl) get url with parameters.Are there any drawbacks for using window.location.href to get the full location? How to get the value from the GET parameters? 0. window.location.href not working in Safari when using onkeypress. 0. How to get current window location to send as parameter to external JS? Is there any way i can specify headers with window.location.href ??Why do you need to embed information in the header - there is scope for this in some applications but the usual method of data transfer is in the URL ( parameters retrieved with a GET) or as POST data. 1, window.location.href. The entire URl string (in the browser is the complete address bar).6, Query (parameters) section. In addition to the dynamic language assignment, we can also give static pages, and use javascript to get the value of the parameters (body).html(window.location.href) but parameter was disappeared and I cant get any parameters.Click me.