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Why Cant my Iphone 5 Connect to LTE?Just got off the phone to ATT and the guy was like there is no way to get access to 4G on the iPhone without a contract. Plus he was telling me the iPhone is not a smart phone when I said they supported smart phone. how m call to my iphone 8 plus to jiofi ? CAN U EXPLAIN how m connect to jio 4g voice . Shady says.I have iPhone 6s unable to connect jiofi Pl get solution. Why it is not updated so for ?? Reply. Turn of cellular data to restrict all data to Wi- Fi, including email, web browsing, and push notifications. Enable 4G. Using 4G loads data faster. Any advice / or explaination to why the iPhone 6 is so much slower than iPhone 5 on same service woudl be welcome. Aussie1972.Iphone 6 connection problems with Data and Wifi. For about a week now, My iphone 6 is not connecting to my home internet as well as it used to.From m Why am I not getting a 3G internet connection on my iPhone 6 Plus?What are the steps needed to connect iPhone 6 Plus with Mac using Bluetooth? Where do I disable Bluetooth on my iPhone 6 Plus? Why cant I enable Bluetooth? How do I get my iPhone to connect to the Internet?Apples own support site has a helpful document that explains the details of the procedure, but essentially the iPhone will first try to connect over the last Wi-Fi network used. My restore went perfect but my iPhone 6 has yet to connect to the LTE network. My partner has a 5s and at home and other places it on LTE while mine just says 4G. Ive played with the cellular setting and have checked on the LTE setting. This tweak for iPhone lets you force lock your device to use 4G LTE cellular connection data option all the time, even when the 4G LTE signal is weak, or not available.Thats why it says tweak in the first paragraph. Use Bluetooth to connect my iPhone with my Apple Watch, with my Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones so I can use it while on the treadmill, with my car audio system so I can stream my favorite music while driving, and with my Bose Bluetooth speakers while taking a shower. Maybe your iPhone connects to every Wi-Fi network except for one, or maybe it doesnt connect to any networks at all.In this article, Ill explain why your iPhone wont connect to Wi-Fi and help you fix the problem, whether its with your iPhone or your wireless router. According to Mint, the problems that Airtel is facing are to do with a sub band that Airtel uses to deliver its 4G services. The iPhone 6 being built to American 4G networks seems to not be able to hook on to 4G services coming from the operator.

To do this just connect your device with your computer and launch iTunes and click on your device and hit the Restore button which will restore yourWe hope that one of the above mentioned methods will resolve this 3G 4G issue on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, if you apply these methods properly. Your iPhone and computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Syncing iPhone Over Wi-Fi: Initial Set Up. Believe it or not, to sync your iPhone wirelessly you need to use a wire—at least once.Tell us why! Other. Unable to connect to Internet over 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE cellular data network? We have 10 best fixes that works wonderfully well on iPhones andWhat if your carrier is offering extremely good 2G/3G/4G/LTE network connection, yet your iPhones or iPads Safari browser takes forever to load webpages? If you arent armed with an army of knowledge about cellular networking technologies, the term " 4G" might not mean what you think it means. I have an iPhone 5 that has never seen working LTE service. I am working with Ting support right now on it. The quirky thing is if I factory reset it a couple times I can cajole it to connecting to LTE but then it will report no cellular data connection when it is connected to LTE or 3G service Read next: How to connect an iPhone or iPad to a TV.

And if youre on GPRS or Edge and arent particularly expecting to get a WiFi, 3G or 4G signal, then thats why youre struggling to get online. how to fix broken usb port on cell phone - my iphone won u0027t charge here u0027s the real fix payette forward.how to fix broken usb port on cell phone - 7 reasons why your phone may not be charging properly. Users may want to connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes 12 (or newer) before trying this to see if there is a carrier settings update available through iTunes which could enable it.How to Disable LTE on iPhone (and Why You Might Want To). My iPhone 3G wont connect to any Wi-Fi and cant find a network. I have tried removing the sim card and the problem is still unsolved.Why JavaScript Is the Top Programming Language to Learn for the Future. Situation: My new MacBook 12 (Early 2016) was unable to make Bluetooth tethering with my iPhone 6. Weird, my MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2013) always connects to this iPhone 6 via Bluetooth without any problems. I them had them remove my GSIII and reprovision my iPhone 6 and it WORKED! 7. I was so frustrated by this point that I waited a few hours before I called back to customer care to inquire why my new, LESS EXPENSIVE plan could not connect to a data network but my old i bought an iphone 6 but when i connect my iphone to my windows 7 laptop via the usb cable, nothing happens.

My iphone doesnt charge or connect to itunes or my computer.View answer in context. Q: why wont my iphone 6 connect to computer. Hide Question. My iPhone 7plus iPhone music app will only play music in shuffle mode. Why? It worked fine in the past. read more.My iPhone 6 currently says "iPhone is disabled, connect to. If you find yourself wondering why iTunes will not load support or why the iPhone cannot connect to iTunes store, read this helpful guide. Here, you will find some of the most practical solutions to fix problems with the connection. Forums iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch iPhone iPhone. [UK] iPhone 7 Plus Wont Connect To 4G Either something weird is happening with the new phones or I guess my phone needs changing, which is weird because if its connecting to data and also to 3G - why wouldnt 4G work. Connecting your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to your Windows or Mac desktop or laptop is easier than you might imagine. Once youve made the connection, you can sync music, apps, photos and videos between your iPhone and your computer. Heres how to do it. To connect your iPhone 7 Plus to Bluetooth devices, we need to make sure you have a few things in place.Why Should I Turn My iPhone Off And Back On? When you turn off your iPhone, the operating system shuts down all the little background programs that keep your iPhone running. Finally, I figured out a way to make iPhone connect to the Internet through the iPhones USB cable to the PC Internet connection.I surprised to stop working I dont know why? and I tried to restart my iPhone and rest my network settings still not working Im not sure if its verizon having problems but why the iphone 7 only with problem not the 6s?Stubbornly refuses to connect to 4G in places where service was strong on my 6s Plus, and is strong on friends around me! I know it works because my iPhone 6 Plus, on T-Mobile, connects to LTE and so does my wifes 6S (also on T-Mobile). Ive tried turning on and off the LTE under CELLULAR settings, but its not working. when connected to my computer it displays the message "The iPhone cannot be used because it requires a newer version of iTunes."Being able to connect your iPhone to iTunes is crucial. Do you know what verision iTunes you have on your pc? Apple take my iphone to connect to other laptop or PC with windows XP is no problem, can connect wifi.Go to your laptop and now connect to the IPhone Hotspot with the new name. I wonder why Win8.1 is unable to use a device name that has spaces. Bluetooth can be of the reasons why your iPhone wont stay connected to wifi network or wont connect at all because the Bluetooth can cause interference with Wi-Fi connections. That is why you should turn it off to see if that will make any difference. If you use your iPhones Personal Hotspot for the internet connection of your computer, then you can update your iPhone wirelessly otherwise connect your computer to another network.Connect your iPhone with Mac or PC. My iPhone cannot connect to the internet on cellular data and wifi. 0. Mulitiple wifi connections on Macbook.1. Is it possible to turn off both 3G and LTE and only use 2G on an iPhone? Hot Network Questions. Why are there no "sleeper" planes? My iphone wont connect to wi fi. Your iphone internet problem, move on to our more nuanced tips 21 apr 2017 heres how fix wifi networking issues your mac. These problems include the inability to connect to Wi-Fi, 3G and/or Edge, lack of push notifications and issues with the YouTube application. Fortunately there are several fixes you can try to correct these data issues on your iPhone iPhone is unable to connect to Wi-Fi network.WiFi Incrrect Password error. Why iPhone Wi-Fi not working sometimes? The WiFi requires 3 parts, the router, your device and the Ethernet network, which play important roles. "Why wont my iPhone connect to Wi-Fi?" Many of you could have the same puzzle when trying to get into network. Even those who have jailbroken or unlocked their iPhone using blackra 1 n and blacksn0w have also reported the same issue. 4g on Iphone 7. Post Options.Hi I cant get 4g on my iphone 7. I have gone to settings annd in mobile I have set it to enable 4g for voice and data. There are only few things you can do on an iPad without an active internet connection, which is why it is essential to make sure you can connect to a stable Wi-Fi network with good speed and stability.My iPhone 6 has been connecting to wifi fine at home and at hotels. Under some circumstances, your iPhone may not connect to a cellular network. If you see No Service or Searching on your iPhone or iPad (Cellular) or cant conn() When my iPhone 6 is on a 4g signal my data doesnt work at all, it works fine on 3g but nothing on 4g.And yes I am in a 4g area as it tells me it has a 4g signal just wont work with data, I have to switch it in settings to the 3g signal. See all Why EE. 4G in more places. Coverage checker.1. Make sure your iPhone 5 has an internet connection 2. Tap Settings then General and then About. If an update is available, a prompt will appear as below I connected my iPhone using the Apples USB cable, and the iMobie program cant see it. Its been 10 minutes since I connected it.Fix AnyTrans No Device Connected. Part 1. Why AnyTrans Not Recognizing iPhone iPad iPod. iTunes is not installed properly. Ive got an iPhone 6 that shows 4G up top but will not connect to cellular data.If connected to wifi, internet can be accessed. Background info: Screen replacement previously done on this phone. Phone has been working fine for few months. Thanks for the A2A. Your phone is connecting to the best network available in your area.Can I use ATT iPhone 6s abroad with different carrier? Why my iPhone network is showing 4g instead of LTE? Same issue, but mine stays connected while Im at my apartment. Its when I leave for school then come back into my apartment it stays on 4G instead of connecting into the wifi.Why is my Iphone 5 buzzing and restarting all the time and wont charge? Why my iphone 4 cannot download ios 8/9 apps they that they can download the last compatible version app i try in purchase then i download youtube but it need ios 8. If not, see Device has signal, but not connected to 3G, 4G, or LTE

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