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Matt Damon recently reasoned that it would be tricky for him to do another Bourne film after The Bourne Legacy tinkered with the.Best New Games 2018.To me, the reason to make that movie is because people want to see it. Paul and I have said that to each other. MANILA - Hollywood actor Matt Damon has returned to the "Bourne" franchise. Heres why. During the Southeast Asia press conference of the upcoming movie "Jason Bourne" in South Korea, Damon said he wants to work again with movie director Paul Greengrass. Just recently, Matt Damon was cycling in the hills surrounding his new Hollywood home when he took a nasty tumble. Which is why he has a slingRemarkably, the Hollywood star of box-office hits such as The Bourne Identity, True Grit and Contagion had found it almost impossible to buy in New York On their press tour promoting their long-awaited sequel Jason Bourne, star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass have had to answer questions about why theyve returned to the franchise after claiming for years that 2007s The Bourne Ultimatum was the definitive end. Matt Damon in The Bourne Ultimatum.But while Damon was reticent to reveal more details about the movie, he did hint that the new films exploration of national security and politics in the 21st century would be reflected in the radically different locations that will bookend the films story. Matt Damon in Jason Bourne. Credit Universal Pictures.Ms. Langley at Universal doesnt betray any doubts about the new movies prospects. There are no current plans for a sequel to The Bourne Legacy with Mr. Renner, nor are there designs (as had once been considered) to spin off other Universal Reuniting Matt Damon Paul Greengrass For Another Jason Bourne Film.The Bourne Legacy was a good start to a new franchise, but Jason Bourne is a hard act to follow.

Related: Paul Greengrass On Oscar Contender Captain Phillips, MLK, And Why Hell Never Make Another Bourne He gave a different interview, to GQ Magazine, where he said: If you look at the first three movies, we kind of pounded that idea of identity and amnesia into the ground. We really got everything out of it that we could. So to reboot it, we need to come up with something completely new.. Matt Damon expressed a lot of ambivalence toward the possibility of making another Bourne movie in aTalking with The Toronto Sun, Damon mentioned that he isnt sure right now if hes going to make aBig time bad idea. Also why werent the Pamela Landy and Noah Vosen characters brought back? The fifth Bourne film, Jason Bourne, is due out later this month. In a new feature from The New York Times, the actor explained what changed his mind.TOPICS: Movies Entertainment Matt Damon Celebs. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Bourne Supremacy Trailer via YouTube.The new film, not yet titled but opening July 29, 2016, also stars Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, and Vincent Cassel. Julia Stiles, who starred in the first three "Bourne" movies with Damon, will be returning as well. Actor Matt Damon is all smiles on the front cover of GQ Magazines January 2012 issue. In the accompanying interview, the We Bought A Zoo actor discusses everything from why he left the Bourne Identity movie franchise to what he thought about a joke President Obama said about Why wont Matt Damon play a superhero? GIF.Matt Damon says Jason Bourne is "not in a good place" in new film as new Bourne images are revealed.Matt Damon open to Jason Bourne return. More From Movies.

Matt Damon is apparently set to return to the big screen as genetically engineered super agent Jason Bourne. Deadline reports that Universal Pictures is in talks with both Damon and director PaulNew, 64 comments. Fifth movie in the series will reunite Damon with director Paul Greengrass. Enter your email address below and well send you an email with instructions to create a new password.That why James happily accepted Matt Damons demand to be in his movie, Jason Bourne. He would only make another Bourne movie if the director of the last two Bourne movies, Peter Greengrass was directing it. Greengrass didnt want to make another Bourne film. So they both went away and made The Green Zone instead. Back in the early 2000s a new action franchise took off with Matt Damon in the lead. The former boy genius traded in Robin Williams mentorship for the chance to be one of the deadliest assassins ever put to screen. Bourne Identity launched the series Matt Damon talks about destroying the Las Vegas Strip in his new movie Jason Bourne.LAS VEGAS — On the first day of shooting Jason Bourne, Matt Damon pulled off his shirt for a bare-knuckled fight scene to reveal an impressively sculpted body. Back in action: Matt Damon in Jason Bourne. According to Damon in the featurette, the new movie promises revelations.Shape of Water accused of copying play in Oscars upset. Kendrick Lamar divides viewers with Brit Awards stunt. Why I cant watch Married at First Sight with my girls. Matt Damon discusses the new "Bourne" film and that it will be set in "a post Snowden world".Why wasnt he in the Bourne Legacy?I think Matt Damons reprisal as Bourne, so far, is the only non-superhero movie I want to see next year so far. Matt Damon has finally answered the call from fans with an all-new installment of his hit "Jason Bourne" franchise hitting theaters today. Its been nine years since the last film in the series starring Damon was released. So, what took so long? Matt Damon would have pocketed an estimated 20 million to appear in a fourth Jason Bourne film, but in aWhy? PHOTOS: Hollywoods buff boys. "If you look at the first three movies, we kind of pounded that idea of identity"So to reboot it, we need to come up with something completely new." Matt Damon is 5 feet and 10 inches. And for the first 3 movies, he was around 3035 years of age.So I would say in the original trilogy, Matt Damon weighed around 8590 kg. Now, for the new Jason Bourne movie. The new Bourne movie sees the spy operating in what Damon has called a post-Snowden world though specific details about the plot have not beenMatt Damon is Returning To Do Another Jason Bourne Movie.Whats Popular. Related Posts. Heres Why ThankYouMattDamon is Going Viral. Why does Jason Bourne only say 288 words?Damon: I am not retiring from Bourne Jump to media player Actor Matt Damon talks about the latest Bourne film in the franchise. Damon appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his newest Jason Bourne film. True Detective Recap Review. Everythings Coming Up Podcast! Whys Everyone Looking At Me? Five By Five.Ryan Gosling Announces New Blade Runner 2 Set Visit Contest Online - September 30, 2016. Tags: Jason Bourne Matt Damon movie news. Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne in the film of the same name. Bourne is up to his old tricks as the trailer opens with the titular character bare-knuckle boxing in the desert.Op-Ed | Why You Should Think Twice Before Copping a Paris Saint-Germain Jersey. As one of Hollywoods most famous stars, Matt Damon commands a pretty hefty fee when it comes to making movies. Star of The Martian, Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan and The Departed, Damon is a big deal and boy does his bank balance know it. With the new Jason Bourne film in "In the first movie, the Marie Kreutz character [Bournes girlfriend, played by Franka Potente) is still alive, so Bourne has a sounding board and hes more confused about who he is and a lot more chatty," Damon explained of the change. WATCH: Matt Damon Pulls Jason Bourne-Style Prank on People.Damons chit-chat was slashed almost exactly in half, coming in at 118, meaning he earned more five times his per-line payment in The Bourne Identity with 220,339 for movie two. Jason Bourne is the fourth installment in the Bourne franchise, but its taken four years for them to make this sequel. One of the most exciting things about the movie is Matt Damons return, having skipped the previous film in 2012. Damon had previously said that he was "open" to another Bourne movie if Paul Greengrass, who directed the sequels The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, was once again behind the camera.PHOTOS: Matt Damons movie star roles. Fall Movie Preview.Tony Gilroy told Hollywood Elsewhere that hell write and direct a fourth Jason Bourne film, but that Bourne himself — i.e Matt Damon — would not be featured in the upcoming Bourne Legacy. All of us thought that Matt Damon was done with the Bourne franchise and that we will never see another movie from the franchise.He works really hard on the movies and this is why he is going to give it his all for the new Bourne movie. Matt Damon hasnt been Jason Bourne since 2007 but is now returning for the fifth movie.Why the Duggar family wont comment on Joy-Anna Duggars due date Video. Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham lands new adult entertainment video job this week. And heres why it took him so long!After eight years away from the spy game, Matt Damon is returning to the man with only a name: Jason Bourne. Next week, Damon starts production on the first new Bourne movie since 2007s "The Bourne Ultimatum," reuniting with Paul Greengrass for a story At least, it wasnt for me - Matt Damon apparently never heard the answer, because in a recent Reddit AMA for Jason Bourne, he was askedNow I too wonder why he keeps getting to make movies.5 The Alamo Drafthouse Has Seven Amazing New Rolling Roadshow Events Headed Your Way.

Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity. Photograph: HO/Reuters.Firing on all cylinders: a scene from the new movie, Jason Bourne.It calls for a particular kind of acting that isnt obviously expressive. The new Bourne film starring Matt Damon is to open next summer. Universal has given the fifth Bourne film which is currently untitled a release date of July 29, 2016. The film will mark the return of Matt Damons Jason Bourne after nearly a decade away from the screen. You are reading: Matt Damon Welcomes The Bourne Legacy. Share. Tweet.Instead, the Tony Gilroy-directed film shines the spotlight on another corner of the characters world, focusing on new elements without ignoring the stories established in past Bourne movies. Jason Bourne is the first installment in the series with Damon since the 2007 movie The Bourne Ultimatum.First Look Why the new health-care bill may keep affordable care out of reach for some. Matt Damon could be reprising his role as Jason Bourne in a new movie, according to reports coming out of Tinseltown.Taylor Swift Explains Why She Took Time Away From Fame In Emosh New Poem. Смотреть видео онлайн. Matt Damon Confirms New Bourne Movie. WHY I HAVENT BEEN UPLOADING my dog.Ben Affleck reveals that Matt Damon will star in a new "Bourne" movie coming out in 2016. . Matt Damons back. Renner isnt. While Damon resisted the idea of starring in a new Bourne movie for years (once admitting that his movies "pounded that idea of identity and amnesia into the ground") the actor says theres finally reason to return. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) should probably have remained in retirement.Glimpses of a fine action movie lurk beneath the visual disequilibrium.If there was a reason for Greengrass and Damon returning to the franchise, it isnt evident within the jittery reels of Jason Bourne. We last saw Matt Damon as Jason Bourne in 2007s The Bourne Ultimatum.But that didnt mean the Bourne movies would come to a complete halt.The trailer for Jason Bourne helps fill in some blanks, elaborating on what Damon is talking about in terms of a new story Universal has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette for Matt Damons upcoming "Jason Bourne" film, and we see the popular character deliver knock-out action and crazy stunts. "This movie finds him in a really dark place and hes basically pounding other people into oblivion just to try and Matt Damon is back in the title role for the upcoming Bourne 5, but as far as his plans after that, things are farA Brand New Hub Page for ALL the Latest DCEU News and Exclusive Content. Hot Topics. Why Joss Whedon Has Left DCs Batgirl Movie. Features. Lets Talk About Black Panthers Curious OK, well, it has yet to be released, but the Jason Bourne trailer was revealed during the 2016 Super Bowl on Sunday, which definitely pleases Matt Damon fans.The first footage from the anticipated movie offered up a lot of goodies, but why isnt Jeremy Renner in Jason Bourne ?

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