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11/11 06:11 Internet Technology. I have searched high and low and I cannot figure out why this code works for Chrome/FF but will not work for IE.Tags: javascript document forms work internet explorer. Convert form data to JavaScript object with jQuery.How to send FormData objects with Ajax-requests in jQuery? Internet Explorer 9 compatibilty issue. IE7 Compatibility mode in Ie10 not working. So if you take out the javascript and try submitting via a normal POST on the form, does it work on IE, or are you having the same problem? JQuery :: Validation For Form Not Working In IE6? JQuery :: Create One Form That Supports Login And Registration With Validate?I am using javascript validation for submitting a form. All the other fields are working except for the Terms of Use checkbox. The following code achieves the following 1. Creates a javascript variable named form 2. Sets the method of the form as of type post 3. Sets theis submitted using submit() method. The above code works fine in Chrome browser. However, it fails in IE(Internet Explorer) and Mozilla Firefox. Now I need to reload a table which contains these data after I submit the form. I am using following scriptIt actually works fine in almost all browsers (FF, Chrome, IE) but its not working in IE Edge and I couldnt find a solution.

Hello guys . i have a basic script in js which submits a form. the script is : function processform(id).The function works perfectly in mozilla but not in IE6. can you help me out plz. Computers Internet javascript - Form 39Submit39 button not working in IE.Viritenz Review (UPDATED 2017): Does it Really Work? internet explorer javascript jquery. jquerys form submit not working in IE.Equivalent of parentNode in internet explorer. Has anyone got processing. js working in IE? Getting SCRIPT1014: Invalid character in IE from local js file. Javascript function is not working in IE and not working in Firefox 1.5 I dynamically create Options in a Combobox using javascript like: var cboBoxHow to submit a form by javascript function In aspx file, I put a button(Html control), and the buttons onclick event refers to a javascript function. Here are ways of executing a javascript function on form submit without reload the html page. return false is the key to prevent the from to reolad the html page. Tags: javascript forms validation internet-explorer-9.jquery image selector not working in IE7. A form that spits out the input.

How can I submit a form in RoR whenever an input textfield changes? Email Sign Up or sign in with. Google. Facebook. Form Submit button not working in IE.How do JavaScript closures work? 1184. JavaScript post request like a form submit. Is there something about ie 6 that stops the following piece of code working?I have just done the code for submit the form using JavaScript. It works in all browsers except in Internet Explorer 6. I have a form that I am trying to submit using a javascript call. I am doing it this way because the form has more than one button on it, and I need the javascript to set the value of a hidden input object (depending on the button clicked) before submitting the form. On changing the navigation my online forms stopped working in IE but work fine in FireFox! I have changed back to the javaScript navigation for testHey guys thanks much for your helpthe submit it working nowbut the form validation is not working properly now the problem is: - "Error In addition to thedocument.forms[formName].submit()I have also triedformObject. submit()- both work in Chrome but both fail in Firefox.Javascript mailto using window open. Request forbidden while accessing github api on node. js program. How to insert HTML with a chrome extension? I am using this. document.forms[navNext].submit() into the javascript but not working on IE. javascript - Clickable label not working in IE 8 - Stack The reason it works the way it does in Firefox et al is that thats what