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There are many such inventions which are very harmful and dangerous for human. Here we have some of those inventions which are really very dangerous. Their negative use may harm human being even they can be the causes of death of innocent people. Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disease in women between the ages of 10 and 50.It too is sold over the counter as a nutritional supplement but is in fact a very powerful hormone with potentially dangerous side effects. Very dangerous for the rest of the world. Dangerous for whole globe, including USA. These myths are more dangerous for the fact that we have forgotten they are myths. Its not a problem for me, I use headset but well, if its dangerous for the card. English examples for "very dangerous" - All we knew was that it was considered a very dangerous and difficult one. A stone wall is a very dangerous thing to be behind in a fight. Once the run has been established, it can be a very dangerous formation. Dangerous Spanish Wildlife. Creepy Crawlies. Bees, Caterpillars, Hornets and Wasps etc. The sting from any of these insects can be very painful.The very fine hairs on these creatures are poisonous and most dangerous. Hello Maam, I am 18 and I came to know that I have pcos at the age of 13. I have very very irregular periods, I only get periods 4-5 times a year.Is PCOD curable? Is it dangerous or lethal disease? Getting Pregnant and PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)yourself with a surprise baby thanks to keto the next question is, can you, should you, or is it dangerous to continue while pregnant?Just as you can have a well rounded keto diet you can also have one that is very deficient in nutrients, which I With very few exceptions, chronic blood pressure below 120/80 is not dangerous. Low blood pressure is usually considered dangerous only when it causes the symptoms mentioned above or results from sudden blood pressure decreases.Women With PCOS Are at Greater Risk for Hypertension.

Women with PCOS already have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and this can make the problem even worse. Also, a diet that is very low in carbs canThis remains controversial as many clinicians feel that it is unhealthy and dangerous. However, research has shown that increasing your protein A frequent concern that comes up for some people when I talk about following a very low-carb Paleo diet is whether ketosis, ketones or a ketogenic diet are dangerous.Erah McMullen June 6, 2017, 12:34 am. Dear Cynthia, I have methane SIBO, IBS-C, PCOS, insulin resistance, Fibromyalgia, am I had PCOS, ( got no reproductive organs now though) but have developed Diabetes 2 down to poor life style choices such a s a diet too high in carbs and sugar and the fact that I was/am very apple shaped and apple shaped women have to be careful with weight gain as it is dangerous fat that can lead to Needless to say it is very dangerous. I drive it with great caution to myself and those around me, also as a commuter owning a 2012 Nissan 370z nisimo coupe 6 speed manual. I know alot about driving and about cars and bikes Heres Why Thats Dangerous. The symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) can be so frustration.But as weve begun to learn more about PCOS it has become apparent that insulin resistance plays a very large role and that PCOS has many metabolic ramifications.

PCOS is poly cystic ovary syndrome. In this condition many cysts develop in your ovaries.This is because they dont have a well developed Uterine lining and thus can undergo miscarriage. All this makes it dangerous to get pregnant after 30 with PCOS. Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS is a peculiar situation in which the hormones are completely imbalanced. This syndrome creates problems for a womans monthly periods which can lead to infertility, if not treated in time. I guess I just wanted my story to be a cautionary tale for others-PCOS can be very very dangerous and if you havent had a period for a long time, I would highly suggest seeing a doctor so you dont end up in the ICU like I did. Photographs of Icelandic volcanoes by Marcel Musil Title: Albert Hofmann Via Field Iceland While the marriage between U.S. government propaganda and a complicit corporate media has been a demonstrable danger to the world, we shouldnt for a momentIts fostering increased nationalism ahead of difficult times, and then lays out who the Chinese should blame. This is very dangerous. However, it can also be a very dangerous place to work especially in instances where the saviors themselves need rescuing. Coast Guards are exposed to many harsh environments and dangerous situations such as natural disasters, sea rescues, night rescues, etc. I read people get PCOS because Not only is it untrue, but it is dangerous thinking. PCOS typically begins during puberty.People with Stein-Leventhal Syndrome (aka pcos) especially insulin resistance type have genetically altered endocrine systems and could very well contribute to failed But PCOS is far more dangerous and potentially deadly. And it is on the increase in young women today.I have another concern about PCOS: The very treatment of PCOS-induced infertility may itself cause more problems. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)Can Be Very Dangerous If Left Untreated. If you have ovarian cysts, it is possible that you also suffer from a health condition called PCOS. It s dangerous for a woman to walk alone at night. dangerous for The crumbling Dictionary of contemporary English.highly — high|ly [ hali ] adverb 1. ) used before some adjectives to mean very or very well : Williams is a highly competitive player who hates losing. Which jobs are the most dangerous? Find lines of work involving high risk and consistent danger.J-walking to lunch? Avoiding paper cuts in the office? Hot coffee? For most people, their job isnt very dangerous. You also may be curious as to what it is about the internet that can be so dangerous. For your convenience, five reasons why internet use can be dangerous for children and teenagers are highlighted below. Very Fast Very Dangerous is the second album by British rock band Reuben, released little over a year after their debut. Song writing for this album begun as soon as the recording for its predecessor, Racecar Is Racecar Backwards had finished in September 2003. Story: Avoid these tablets they are very dangerous D cold Vicks action- 500 Actified Coldarin Cosome Nice Nimulid Cetrizet-D They contain Phenyl- Propanol -Amide PPA Which Causes strokes, and these tablets are banned in U.S. Analysis: These messages were circulating since years through emails and Most cocktails are very high in sugar, and women with PCOS are already insulin resistantthe appetite and reduces inhibitions causing us to make poor choices and overeat It keeps the liver busy the liver is going to metabolize the worst toxin firstand it perceives alcohol to be very dangerous. This is a often overlooked and so very important for women with PCOS.Sugar is sticky, and sticky in blood vessels is dangerous. So our body does everything it can to maintain our blood sugar levels in a healthy, safe range. NB Some of the medications which are prescribed for treatment of PCOS are dangerous to early foetal development.If excess hair growth is distressing and having an impact on a womans self esteem, then laser or electrolysis hair removal can be low risk and very effective. Since it causes infrequent or no ovulation, PCOS makes unassisted conception very difficult. Possible Reasons for Getting PCOS.Sleep apnea can be particularly dangerous as the upper airway is obstructed during sleep. Stretching the boundaries of safety, here are ten dangerous magic tricks.Ten magic tricks that stretch the boundaries of safety.Magicians have stretched the limits right to the edge, where sometimes the danger is very real Its a very safe and effective treatment for many types of medical problems, including PCOS, irregular menstrual periods, menstrual cramps, acne, PMS, and endometriosis.Alcohol can be dangerous while taking Metformin. Youre more likely to get dehydrated or develop liver problems. What Is PCOS? Polycystic ovary syndrome represents a common hormonal imbalance which interferes with normal ovulation.The symptoms outlined above may be signs for other diseases, including some very dangerous diseases. It was a very dangerous curve. Здесь - самый опасный вираж в этом кантоне Whoever compiled that list is involved in something very dangerous.Desperate and very dangerous to us. В отчаянии и потому очень опасен для нас. As you know, that can be very dangerous. Although the exact cause isnt known, doctors have still been able to pinpoint some very clear signs and symptoms of PCOS.This can be particularly dangerous due to the nature of abdominal fat as well as the increased risk of diabetes that comes along with PCOS.

adj. very important.Word Origin History. dangerous early 13c "difficult, arrogant, severe" (the opposite of affable), from Anglo-Fr. dangerous, O.Fr. dangeros (Mod.Fr. dangereux), from danger (see danger). THE DANGERS OF DEPO: The Worlds Most Dangerous Birth Control Pill, and you wrote that with Traci Johnstone.You still have quite a few women and women who have PCOS who have very heavy periods. Top 10 Best Attack Helicopters in 2017 That Are Very Dangerous.Here is the list of other top 10 dangerous jobs in the world that cause deaths or serious damage. Everyone do a job for spending their life, for their family and for fulfilling their desires. Menstruation is a very important part of a womans biology.Many women often ignore these symptoms and it then leads to dangerous health consequences. One of them is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD ). A very dangerous invention. A step-ladder is a thing most useful to people who are moving into a new house. The servant finds it extremely convenient when they have to wash the windows, to remove the dust from the door and window-frames, and to perform many other household duties My favorite scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark This clip is owned by Paramount Pictures / Lucasfilm. PCOS during pregnancy can be a dangerous condition for both mom and baby-to-be. Heres how to manage your symptoms.The most important thing to know about PCOS and pregnancy is that complications are very real. It could also mean fibroids or a dangerous infection. Untimely vaginal bleeding is linked to cancer as well.Dr. Carusi says you might not be ovulating regularly or could have PCOS, making it harder for you to know your fertile days. If you are obese or have a very low percentage of body fat, there might Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often a symptom that accompanies Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS. Hypertension can be an extremely serious condition. High blood pressure often goes undiagnosed until it is very late. Preventing PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is possible if you maintain right weight and stay away from stress. Read on to know more about the symptoms of PCOS and how you can prevent PCOS easily.PCOS is very dangerous. Internet could also be used as a weapon to hack into other peoples computers and their networks which means personal informations can be found easily. yes exactly it can also be very dangerous to young kids. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health problem that can affect a womans hormone levels, periods, and ovulation.Others have very heavy bleeding. Fertility problems. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common problem among women in their childbearing years.The abdomen fat is very dangerous as it increases the risk of heart disease. Also the increase of fat in abdomen changes the equilibrium and women who suffer from PCOs have a pear shaped body PCOS.Carpet cleaning services are affordable, they come to our homes, they clean and dry the carpet in a very short time and leave the place in perfect order.This scary chemical soup is not only dangerous to your health but the environment as well.

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