javascript value to php function





JavaScript JavaScript has functions specifically for casting variables to numbers.Checking for NULL or empty() values. Variables in PHP dont have to be defined for you to use them, though if youre working with EALL compliance on (not the default of most PHP installs), your script will throw a New to javascript. I have a while loop in PHP that looks like this. while (rowvouchermysqlfetchrow(risultatoqueryvoucher)Heres the not working javascript code: . when orderno is 20, the inside the javascript function alert(id) shows 16. the parameter value is not properly passing i think so. can you check the below code and tell me where the proble is.LVL 1. PHP1. kulapjohn. JS Compressor. Home HTML/CSS Form Validation with Javascript and PHP.Rest of functions are similar to this one so I hope it wont be a problem to apply it. Each one needs almost same values as arguments. Notes The php variables would store all the applicable values for those Javascript variables. If you needed to output more values for other javascript variables, just set up other php variables. You could certainly store all your relevant data as an array, if you choose, a la: javascriptData[categories] array call PHP function (but I dont know how): checkYearandEvent(year, event) My question is how do I call the PHP function every time the user changes the value of any of theselectelement. Tags: php javascript function-call. maybe some post variables an some new values. proccessed over post variables. < script type"text/javascript"> function testIn order to trim, check formatting, and then compare I had to send the values out to php from a javascript capture from an on blur prior to form submit. Also, php.nets function reference is excellent for php functions. anyone know of a similar site for javascript functions.