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There are many JavaScript operator, statement, method, that access, set, list, loop properties. Some traverse the prototype chain, some do not, and some depend on whether the enumerable attribute of the property is true. See: JS: Access Property. JavaScript has had prototypal inheritance from the beginning. It was one of the core features of the language.By default all functions have F.prototype constructor: F , so we can get the constructor of an object by accessing its "constructor" property. prototype property in JavaScript: The prototype property gives us freedom to add the new property and method into the object at any time.Company wide Employee Productivity Reports. Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Tools. Get Sales Lead and Bid for Tech Projects. Prototype inheritance chains can go as long as you want. But in general it is not a good idea to make long chains as your code can get difficult to understand and maintain.To understand prototype chains in JavaScript there is nothing as simple as the proto property. Any function can have a prototype property, which is an object.The problem of confusion is that the word prototype kind of has two meanings. To get a prototype which was used during object construction you should use Object.getPrototypeOf JavaScript prototype Property. Complete Math Object Reference.In this example we will show how to use the prototype property to add a property to an object: